We are a small team of data geeks

We believe good designs make information consumption effortless


PAINTER – Daminda de Silva

He is an industry expert with 15 + years of business intelligence experience in data warehousing and visualizing.  He has worked with a wide range of database and visualization tools across industries.  According to Daminda there are two pieces that have to come together to create an excellent dashboard: information and design.  Information is what needs to be conveyed for the user to make accurate decisions. The design ensures that information is well received without distracting the message of the information.  He thinks both elements must work together.  He thinks dashboards/data visualizations need to be simple, communicate easily and with minimum distractions.

Favorite Quote:  Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci

Hobbies: Travel photography, traveling, road trips



She is data journalist with years of experience. Either on TV, on air or in book, she always finds her place as a storyteller, turning whatever is in plain sight into eye-catching stories. As a young mind, she thinks creatively and works rigorously by her rules, for example, she combines words, data and visualizations into a new piece of story with a multimedia presentation.  She thinks that we are overwhelmed with data and we need to capture the story by visualizing it into easy to understand and powerful format.


Favorite Quote: Don’t forget your initiative, so as to achieve your goal. — Avatamsaka Sutra

Hobbies: Writing, photography, music